June 01, 2011

‘Continuous Variations’ Exhibition Poses Questions

Can heterogeneity and homogeneity exist at the same time? How can the inherent variations connect to space and time as well as to external context? How does “creation” and “composition” take place among these variations?

These are some of the questions that come to mind at the exhibition “Sürekli Çeşitlenmeler” (Continuous Variations), currently on show at the Akbank Art Center in İstanbul’s Beyoğlu.

Curated by Ali Akay, the exhibition includes a video about Afghan political immigrants and a three part photograph series on post-colonialism by Seza Paker, a video about unrealized daily behaviors, a series of photograph projections and two sculptures by Ayşe Erkmen, while Füsun Onur has three installations and one piece on the wall.

“Except one work, all the works are being exhibited for the first time in Turkey,” notes Akay, who has been working on the exhibition since 2009. “This has been a long and troublesome path,” says Akay. “The works were designed and made during this time.”


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