June 12, 2011

550th Anniversary of Armenian Patriarchate Celebrated

The Armenian Church and the Armenian Community in Istanbul celebrated last Sunday the 550th anniversary of the establishment of the Armenian Patriarchate and a group of Istanbul Armenians held a silent protest wearing black and purple ribbons to stand against the government's decision to appoint a co-patriarch in addition to current the Armenian patriarch of Constantinople, Mesrob Mutafyan, who is seriously ill.

“We did not want to mar the 550th celebrations; therefore, we told the church that a symbolic group of 100 people will be at the celebrations having a silent protest and wearing ribbons,” said Harut Özer, spokesperson for the “We want to Elect Our Own Patriarch Initiative,” which last year collected close to 6,000 signatures to appeal to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to restore their right to elect a patriarch.

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