May 17, 2011

Worldwide Famous Spider Man Will Climb Turkey’s Tallest Building

The spider man Alain Robert famous for climbing up the tallest buildings in the world without any equipment will climb Sapphire Istanbul, the highest building in Turkey and Europe with a height of 261 meters, on Tuesday.

The French-origin sportsman, performing the sport since the age of 12, is also known for climbing the tallest buildings illegally to increase awareness for humanitarian goals such as fighting with diseases, poverty, hunger and war.

Performing a rehearsal at Sapphire Istanbul on Tuesday, he said the building was not an easy one to climb as it has a slippery glass surface. “I was going to perform this climb on Women’s Day for the opening of the shopping center. However, we had to postpone the event because of snowy weather conditions. The sun will be its highest levels tomorrow during the climb but it still will be a tough one,” he said during the press meeting held on Monday. He will start his assent at 12:30 at the Sapphire Shopping Center on Tuesday.


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