May 04, 2011

Williams Turkish GP Preview

Former Williams F1 driver David Coulthard refers to Istanbul Park as “a modern day classic”. The track undulates and it has several fast corners, which require aerodynamic performance from the cars and commitment from the drivers. 

The most challenging corner on the lap is the quadruple-apex Turn 8, through which the drivers pull 5G for nearly seven seconds. The entry to the corner is blind and there’s a bump mid-corner that tries to throw the cars off-line. Being the first of only five anti-clockwise circuits on the calendar, it’s a physical track for the drivers because the left side of the neck takes a pounding.

“As long as you put the necessary work in beforehand, you’re okay,” says AT&T Williams driver Rubens Barrichello. “However fit you are, though, you’ll begin to feel your neck by the end of this race. It’s tough.”

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