May 28, 2011

Turkish Dessert: The Proof is in the Puddings

Some people travel to Istanbul to view the city’s unique skyline, studded by mosque domes, palaces, bridges and old Ottoman era buildings that hover over the Golden Horn and the Bosporus strait. Others are enchanted by the energy of the simultaneously ancient and modern city that’s ventilated by crisp ocean air. Still others swoon over the fact that in Tukey’s largest city, a sweet tooth is worn as a badge of honor.

In several of his novels, Istanbul’s resident Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk manages to feature the role dessert shops play in daily life. Somewhat akin to the famed French neighborhood cafes that have become a quintessential part of their country’s identity, Istanbullus stop in to muhallebi, or sweets shops, daily to socialize, read their newspapers or just enjoy a treat — at any time of day or night.


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