May 03, 2011

Istanbul Armenian Church Doors to Open After 100 Year Wait

There have been no religious services in the Istanbul Armenian Surp Vortvots Vorodman Church (Children of Thunder) for the past 100 years. But the doors to the church will finally open this July.

Deacon Vagharshak told me that the site hadn’t been used as a church since World War I. "The community has been dreaming about renovating the church and in 1987 plans were drafted but the amounts needed were staggering. It remained a dream."

Today, renovations on the church are in full swing. After renovations are complete, the church, with its original style intact, will also serve as a cultural center.

This building was built upon the edict dated February 2, 1828 granted Mahmud II to Kazaz Artin (Harutyun Amira Bezdjiyan); and its plans were drawn by royal architect Kirkor Amira Balyan and M.Devlet Garabet. The compound is comprised of a cathedral (Mother Mary) and two chapels (Surp Khach and Surp Vortvots Vorodman) and opened for services on October 14, 1828.

The transformation project in this monumental building is targeted to constitute an example for other churches.


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