May 28, 2011

Gourmet Cooking, Hip Decor and Decent Prices: Karaköy’s Lokanta Maya

Lokanta Maya does not have a view of the Bosphorus or old town from a distance; this hip new restaurant in Karaköy is all about taste and food! Walking inside the simple yet modern designed dining hall, which seats about 50 people, one is surprised to see that even the interior design is integrated with whole foods. On one wall is a decoration of hundreds of Turkish walnuts wired to the background with thin metal wires. And in the middle is a huge glass divider filled with all sorts of dried Turkish foods and spices like peppers, zucchini and various others.

The menu changes daily and while the daytime atmosphere is more casual with a limited menu, for the evenings it transforms itself into a “dine and wine” venue with white table clothes and wine glasses. During the daytime, the crowd is a mix of people from around the neighborhood or close vicinity, while for the nighttime diners from all over Istanbul come to sample Maya’s scrumptious and invigorating menu.


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