May 19, 2011

Destruction 2011: An Art Event Full of Celebration

This May, Istanbul is witnessing an unconventional and multi-disciplinary art “act,” which can change every kind of artistic movement on the Turkish art scene.

“Destruction 2011,” an art event on Akarsu Street in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, aims to bring a new approach to the neighborhood, both with its art and with its perception of the discipline.

“What we tried to do is to create a ‘campaign’ that is living before and after this event,” said Rafet Arslan, one of the creators of the event.

Destruction 2011 is not a one-man exhibition or event, nor is it just an exhibition that welcomes audiences. “This is not just an exhibition, there are film screenings, forums, discussions and performance events,” said Arslan.

The preparation for the event lasted for nine months. “All the work in this event, all the performances and screenings are somehow related to each other,” said Arslan.

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