April 17, 2011

Tulip Time Has Kicked off in Istanbul

The sun is finally shining. Plum and almond trees have begun to flower. The air is filled with the fragrance of hyacinths. Late afternoon rains are showering everywhere across the country.

So what does this mean? It means that its tulip time is in Istanbul over the next few weeks. Tulips of yellow, orange, purple, pomegranate, cloudy red, light pink and a kaleidoscope of colors are all flowering along the streets and gardens of the city. Its time for people to get out of their homes and take a stroll through the streets and enjoy the spectacular show that Istanbul is putting on for us. Anyone who considering getting out of the city these days should perhaps change their plans and stay in Istanbul.

Before setting out to discover the tulips, it might be handy to read some of our news first, because we have explored the best routes to view the tulip displays and even where to find whole fields of tulips. Our tulip coverage ranges from the famous traditional tulip displays at Emirgan Park, to the machine ordered by Necmettin Amca in Silivri’s Seyman village especially to help him grow tulips. For those wanting to see all this beauty carried across the city and onto their own home balconies, we also have some of the finer points of growing and taking care of tulips at home. In short, by virtue of the Sixth International Istanbul Tulip Festival, we have examined the best places to taken in this rare April flower, a flower which for some represents earning a livelihood, but for most is simply a gorgeous addition to the spring months.

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