April 22, 2011

Textile Treasures of Turkish Armenian Patriarchate Revealed in a Book

After 10 years of in-depth research of the archives and repositories of the Armenian Orthodox Church, two professors from the United States have published a book about the church’s treasures.

The Turkish Armenian Patriarchate opened its doors to Archaeology Professor Ronald T. Marchese and Textile Professor Marlen R. Breu in 1998. The two researchers then spent the next decade examining and cataloguing many of the church’s artifacts, mostly from the 18th and 19th century though some were over 300 years old. Mesrop II, who has been fighting dementia since 2007, authorized the professors to carry out the inaugural study of the church’s textile treasures.

This thorough, comprehensive research has been published in a book titled “Splendor and Pageantry – Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul.” The book, in English and Turkish, includes color photos of many of the treasures.


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