April 01, 2011

Syrian Cultural Week Opens in Istanbul

Activities of the Syrian Cultural Week in Turkey kicked off on Monday at Erdem Beyazıt Cultural Center in Istanbul by a number of cinema, theatrical and musical shows and other displays of various arts.

Syria's Minister of Culture, Dr. Riad Ismat, during the opening, said this event constitutes a symbol of the evolving deep-rooted relations between Syria and Turkey.

" It is a permanent festival of amity between the Syrian and Turkish intellectuals since it reflects the depth of the relationship between peoples of the two countries, the prosperous present and prospects for the bright future in this relationship," Dr. Ismat said.

The Minister added that the Syrian cultural days, mark the ancient common history and celebrate tolerance and love, the common sense of pride, dignity and the glorious culture and civilization.

Read more on Day Press: Syrian Cultural Week Opens in Istanbul


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