April 28, 2011

MoMA Presents Destination: Istanbul Collection

This May, geometric patterns, rhythmic lines and vibrant colors of emerging Turkish designers are to enchant New Yorkers at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store. Exclusive lifestyle designer products - inspired by a city where continents meet and empires have fallen - will be showcased as a part of MoMA's "Destination: Design" series.

The "Destination: Istanbul" collection will feature more than 100 hand-picked lifestyle products from 41 different Turkish designers. The exclusive collection is to include items such as furniture, kitchenware, jewelry and decoration elements that are unique to Turkey while being innovative and artistic in design.

Plates made from olive trees from the Aegean coast of Turkey; porcelain espresso cups reflecting silhouettes of Whirling Dervishes; traditional tea pots made of non-traditional materials such as nylon and steel; fairy-tale pearl jewelry inspired by the abacus and Plexiglas chess sets that mirror the bewitching ancient silhouette of Istanbul are just a few of the never-seen-before-items that "Destination: Istanbul" promises to impress visitors with.


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