April 26, 2011

Mobility Of Artworks Instead Of Artists

Fanzines from various countries, in which people expressed themselves were gathered in the exhibition "even my mom can make a book". The exhibition is taking place in Kuledibi, a district in Istanbul considered to be at the crossroads of cultures.

In Istanbul, at the crossroads of the Bosphorus and Golden Horn, in the area of the Galata Tower, Kuledibi has been home to many different people and cultures throughout its history. Today, it hosts the Roma, Kurdish and Jewish poor, as well as Laz merchants, intellectuals, the art infatuated bourgeoisie, artists, writers, journalists and illegal immigrant workers, who all live here side-by-side, but separately.

When we pass through the crowds in the square in front of the Galata Tower and go deep into the winding back streets, we can see that the neighbourhood life is struggling to preserve its identity while this quarter's transformation into an art centre has started to make its way these past few years. Children run around and play in the streets; women lean out of their apartments' windows above the galleries and drop baskets to the markets below to be filled with bread and milk, just as they have always done.

The walls and store shutters in Kuledibi are covered with graffiti. We pass among tourists taking photographs of everything under the sun and enter a gallery.

Kristina opens the door to welcome us. Kristina Kramer came here from Germany six years ago and is the curator of the Manzara Perspectives art gallery since the past two years. In order to bring together different cultures through art, the gallery hosts artists from various countries and young art students who organise group exhibitions.

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