April 14, 2011

Magic Bubbles to Enchant Istanbul Audience

Internationally acclaimed Canadian bubble artist Fan Yang is preparing to charm audiences in Istanbul with his massive, magical bubbles. Yang will be at the Haliç Congress Center for 18 shows between April 17 and 23. During the shows, he will explore the fragile and mysterious world of soap bubbles, blending art and science in a dazzling display

Yang came to promote his shows at the Istanbul Haliç Congress Center on Saturday and repeated his 17th world record – which he set on April 4 – by enclosing 151 people inside a single soap bubble.

He was expected to break the record with 154 people inside the bubble, but he failed in doing so after children in the audience touched the exterior, ruining the chance for a new world best.

After the attempt at a record, Yang performed a 15-minute show with lasers and music, drawing great attention from children and adults.

Speaking to members of the press, Yang said he had performed his show throughout the world.

Seventy percent of a bubble is water, Yang said, adding that the remaining portion was composed of seven chemical substances.

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