April 20, 2011

Little Known Artist Karaburcak Highlighted in Pera Retrospective

The Pera Museum in Istanbul has been hosting a collection of works by İhsan Cemal Karaburçak, one of the lesser-known masters of Turkish painting, in one of its two new exhibitions that went on display earlier this month.

Karaburçak (1898-1970), a self-taught artist who refused to follow the widespread art movements of his time, had a particular love for the color purple, and his works on display at the Pera exhibit feel as though they are fresh out of a huge bag of lavender.

Karaburçak, who did not give his paintings titles, used to believe it is the inner world of an artist that is important in executing a work. “I am a painter of colors. The reason I love nature [more] when it is dark, when clouds gather, or when the soil, the trees, the buildings are washed in the rain, when the colors come out, might be because sun[light] actually kills the colors,” he used to say.

The Karaburçak retrospective runs until July 3 at the Pera Museum.


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