April 25, 2011

'Leonardo's Bridge' Opera to Premiere in 2012 in Istanbul

Great Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s dream of building a bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn is coming true in real life as well as in an opera. World-renowned, India-born U.S. composer and maestro Daniel Nazareth has written an opera based on the artist’s vision and the premiere of the opera will be in Istanbul in 2012.

Nazareth, who has recently visited Turkey, spoke about the story of the "Leonardo Bridge" project, which Da Vinci suggested to the Ottoman sultan 500 years ago.

The last time Nazareth visited Istanbul was two years ago for a concert in Hagia Irene organized by CivWorld, an organization founded in New York after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The organization gathers in a different city every year and Istanbul was the meeting point in 2009.


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