April 22, 2011

High Teck Parking in an Art Nouveau Building in Istanbul

Nisantasi is a place where you can easily see famous people walking on the street any time during a day. You can have a cup of coffee at the Armani Café or go shopping at the nearby Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Chanel or any other famous boutiques within walking distance.

During the last decade Istanbuls premier shopping street, the Abdi Ipeksi Street, developed into a place hosting luxury retail shopping venues. With a monthly lease price of about 3.500 US$ / m it is currently the most expensive street for retail stores in Turkey.

Hence it meant a lot to the city mayor to sustain this prestigious neighborhood and provide high class habitat to the residents and visitors.

To keep the streets free of cars and provide more space to live, the city municipality searched for an innovative and sophisticated solution, suitable to the attractive Nisantasi district.

With Wöhr Automatic Parking System Parksafe 580, only 450 m of the precious ground was required to host 276 car parking places on 15 levels above ground.


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