April 20, 2011

Greece Consulate in Istanbul Welcomes Thanassis Bakogiorgos Painting Exhibition

The Sismanoglio Megaro of the Consulate General of Greece in Istanbul welcomes Thanassis Bakogiorgos painting exhibition entitled “Dream, Myth and Tradition”. The opening will be held on Monday, 25 April 2011, at 19.00 pm.

The artist presents his works inspired by the folk and the Byzantine tradition such as Byzantine Thessaloniki and cloistral areas (Meteora and Mount Athos).

Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to enjoy a part of the total work of Bakogiorgos stretching over 50 years; a work with which the artist penetrates with great sensitivity and imagination to other time periods and brings out to the surface their glory and their magnitude. In this way, Thanassis Bakogiorgos brings into life the images deriving not only from the myth and the imaginary, but also from the study of a plethora of elements and designs preserved inside books and found on engravings and murals of mansions and monasteries.


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