April 14, 2011

Films Explore Multicultural Layers of Istanbul

When the announcement came that Istanbul would be one of the European Capitals of Culture a couple of years ago, many filmmakers were quick to get their share of the budget allocated for films on Istanbul. Some of these films were screened at film festivals and cultural events or found release in theaters.

Sadly, most of the Istanbul films were letdowns, and gave an impression of being rushed or unfinished while three of the most anticipated films were never even released or screened at any festivals.

Now, however, the 30th Istanbul International Film Festival has managed to secure all of these three films and will screen them under the section Istanbul 2010. Two of the films are from two veteran directors and screenwriters, while the other is a unique collection of six short films from directors of international acclaim.

Read more on Hurriyet Daily News: Films Explore Multicultural Layers of Istanbul


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