March 01, 2011

Palace Collection Museum opens in Istanbul

The objects kept in the depots of Istanbul's palaces are now on display at a new venue opened last week at the Dolmabahçe Museum. The museum offers objects including children’s dresses, writing tools, manuscripts, prayer rugs, gold-plated dinner sets and more. Also, the entrance of the museum will serve as an art gallery and host exhibitions.

Artifacts collected from the Dolmabahçe, Beylerbeyi and Yıldız palaces as well as the Aynalıkavak, Küçüksu, Ihlamur and Maslak mansions shed light on the reigns of Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid, Sultan Abdulaziz, Sultan Murad V, Sultan Abdulhamid II, Sultan Mehmed Reşad V and Sultan Mehmed Vahiduddin.

The objects are displayed in the museum under sections titled “Being a Child in the Palace,” “Religious Life,” “Calligraphy,” “Health and Personal Care,” “Dinner Sets,” “Kitchen Tools” and “Inlaid Artifacts.”

Turkish Parliament’s National Palaces Director Yasin Yıldız said the museum’s main purpose was to bring together historic objects with visitors in a contemporary museum concept. He said the museum marked the end of a period and beginning of a new period for their directorate.

The depot-museum concept was raised in 2006. Yıldız said: “Although this concept is an important turning point for the protection and restoration of historic artifacts, unfortunately the number of visitors was below expectations. This is why we decided to realize the Palace Collections Museum project in 2009. In the first stage, it served as a culture and arts venue where periodical exhibitions opened. And the second stage of the project was the establishment of this museum.”

He said visitors would be able to see more than 40,000 objects in the museum. “Most of these objects will be seen by people for the first time here.”

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