March 07, 2011

Istanbul Invites You to 40 Day Shopping Marathon

Taksim, Nişantaşı, Şişli, Bakırköy, Fatih, Bahariye, Bağdat Avenues, and 94 modern shopping malls throughout the city are inviting people around the world to come and just shop, shop, shop.

Expecting a huge number of visitors, organizers have decided to keep their doors open until 02:00 am.

Different state and private organizations, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkish Airlines and the Prime Minister’s Investment Agency have joined forces to make an unforgettable event.

Preparations are underway in every corner of the city. Organizers say they have invested up to 50 million TRL in event arrangement, including concerts, shows, parties, competitions, fashion shows and parades.

“Istanbul Shopping Fest will make Istanbul the World Centre of Shopping,” said Hakan Kodal, Shopping Center Investors Association (AYD) President. It is estimated that consumers will spend about 1.8 billion USD during the fest.

“There are 94 shopping centres in Istanbul and we have a lot of them participating in this event. Not just shopping centers are involved in our fest, but some of the major streets will also participate. We will have a large carnival opening with magicians, shows, entertainers, concerts in the streets and in shopping centres,” Kodal said.

“The purpose of the shopping fest is to position Istanbul globally as a capital of shopping and fun. Last year in 2010 Istanbul was a capital of Europe Culture and afterwards this event will emphasize the position of Istanbul around the world. Istanbul is expecting an increase in sales during this period,” M. Nebi Onder, General Manager of Boyner shop said.

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