March 20, 2011

Enchanted by cultural vibrancy of Istanbul

I hate to admit it, but I really don’t take holidays. But somehow, because I travel so much for work, if I like a place, I extend my trip by a couple of days. I always do a little research on the Internet before I go to a new place. I also check with friends who have been to that place and take tips from them. This year, I plan to spend some time in the States. It’s partly work-related, but I’m going to make sure I manage time off for a two-week holiday.

...the city which truly stole my heart last year was Istanbul.

The museums, mosques, churches, the Bosphorus are all striking. The incredible history of the region is fascinating and perhaps the most incredible aspect of the city is the way it blends the best of East and West. The nightlife is vibrant, the restaurants excellent, in fact the Zuma in Istanbul is outstanding. The hotels, shopping, weather and the warmth of the people, everything about the city in July was just perfect. The energy of Istanbul is infectious and I would love to visit it again and again. Reina and Angelique are two of the most spectacular nightclubs I’ve ever seen.

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