March 11, 2011

Diorama Map series presents Istanbul in London

Sohei Nishino, a rising gem in contemporary Japanese photography, is a guest artist at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. Never before exhibited outside of Asia, Nishino’s “Diorama Map” series is on display the Hoppen Gallery for his inaugural European show, featuring 10 of Nishino’s most striking collages as well as his latest creation, a map of Istanbul.

When photographing Istanbul, Nishino walked the entire city on foot for a month, wandering the streets and recording from every possible angle, from building tops to get an overview of the Blue Mosque, to shooting alongside boats in the Bosphorus. In total he used over 140 rolls of black and white film and took over 4,500 pictures.

In the following three months, Nishino hand printed the images in his dark room and then meticulously pieced them together with scissors and glue in his Tokyo studio. The result was an aerial view of Istanbul, which was then re-shot as a completed collage to produce a final image in photographic form. This lengthy and painstaking process, all done by hand, can only allow for the creation of three maps per year.

Nishino’s re-imagination of a city presents a convincing record despite its geographic inaccuracies, a map embodying the intricacies of a city through the eyes and recollection of an outsider.

Nishino’s process began during a portfolio review when studying at Osaka University of Arts, when he realized he was far more interested in the mass of photographs not selected, than the few that were actually chosen to be displayed.

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