March 20, 2011

Australian making the most of hotel collaboration in Istanbul

Plunging into the unknown world of hotel management two years ago, Australian Gaye Reeves and her Turkish staff have been responsible for resurrecting an original Ottoman-style hotel in Sultanahmet.

Pooling together all her resources and efforts, Reeves and her staff have successfully transform what was then a dilapidated and run-down building into a cosy and welcoming three-star hotel. Tucked away in a side street, yet in walking distance from the hub of Sultanahmet, Ayasofya hotel is both close enough to one of Istanbul's most popular tourist areas, but far enough away to retain some local Turkish charm.

“What I like about Turkey is that people are so hospitable, whereas in Australia guests wouldn't be asked to come and sit down and have tea and chat. In Australia you plan more and there is more structure. Turks are more relaxed and things just seem to happen with a minimum of fuss. Their attitude is that in the end it will all fall into place, so don't stress. I like the culture, it's different but I feel at home,” she said.


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