February 18, 2011

Young artist sets the unconscious free in new show

The newest collection of works by young artist Medine İrak, who has been exploring the theme of flight in her works, is currently on display at the Kare Art Gallery in İstanbul.

“Gizli Söz” (Secret Word), which will run until Feb. 28 at the gallery located in Nişantaşı, features four paintings of kites and 12 other pieces devoted to a combination of various symbols that the artist “has dug out from her unconscious.”

In an interview with Today’s Zaman, the Kars-born artist explains that her latest collection, which she produced over the past eight months, was a direct outcome of her interest in letters and writing. “I have always been charmed by writing. Calligraphic works and hieroglyphics were always appealing to me. While I was painting the kites in this show, I began to add some symbols to the canvases, and eventually many other symbols emerged in my mind during the short, semi-conscious period of time just before sleeping,” she explained.

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