February 18, 2011

World's biggest sunken ship museum to establish in Turkey

Theodosius Harbor, an ancient harbor which has been surfaced during the excavation of the Istanbul Metro building, will be turned into the biggest sunken ship museum in the world.

According the Protection of Underwater Cultural Department of Istanbul University and Istanbul archeological Museum scientists, they reached 36 sunken ship wreckages during the excavation in the Theodosius Harbor which had been built in Byzantium Era in the 4.th century.

Dr. Ufuk Kocabas, President of Istanbul University's Yenikapi Shipwrecks Association Project, said the sunken ship which has astonished the western scientist, would be the world's biggest sunken ship museum in the world. Kocabas noted also they reached the biggest ship collection of Byzantium era.

"In the Yenikapı district, where the excavations are being held, we have reached the wreckages of the 36 sunken ships. We also surfaced 35.000 historical artifacts during the excavations. World's largest archaeological excavations continue in Istanbul since 6 years," said Kocabas.

"Theodosius Harbor was the world trade center in the 4th century. After the establishing of the Constantinople, There had been started biggest development projects in the city. After rising of population trade had developed in a rapid speed. Also the harbors become the center of the wheat center for the ship, which were carrying the wheat from the Egypt. Wheat was the biggest trade material 2000 years ago. During the excavation, we reached also 6 galleys, which are belong the another countries' navy in the history," Kocabas noted.

In the ongoing project, the scientist also draw 3D picture of the ship to understand the real structure of the ships.

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