February 08, 2011

Turkey in Miniature (Miniaturk, Istanbul)

Miniatürk is described on its official website as highlighting “every civilization that ruled in and around Anatolia [… tracing] a 3000-year history from Antiquity to Byzantium, from Seljuks to the Ottoman Empire and into the present day.” 

The park offers scale models of a selection of temples, mosques, churches, monasteries, tombs, houses and palaces and public buildings such as the Parliament complex in Ankara. A suspended copy of the first Bosporus Bridge sways over a miniature Bosporus. An enormous Ataturk Airport, accompanied by Turkish Airlines and Miniatürk Airlines jets, sprawls next to an ensemble of Ayasofya and Sultanahmet Camii with the Baths of Roxelana nestled in between. A pathway wends its way through the park, and each model is accompanied by a voice recording (in several languages) that gives minimal information about the object depicted.

The detail of the models is striking: one can read the tiny Arabic script adorning the Isa Bey Mosque and make out the faces on the figures carved into the bases of the columns holding up the roof of the Temple of Artemis. One notes the tiny girl on a bicycle in a patio of a house in Mardin.

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