February 18, 2011

TRAVEL: Istanbul the next gay hotspot

Istanbul. The only city where you can breakfast in Asia, take a taxi and lunch in Europe. A metropolis of 13 million souls – where modernity sits alongside the ancient.

Ever since I learnt about Constantinople I’ve been fascinated by this city – at different times the capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Now I’ve visited I’ll be back and I’m willing to predict that this will be the next big gay destination.

We stayed at the A’Jia – a traditional Ottoman Mansion which has been converted into a luxury boutique hotel perched on the shores of the Bosphorus. The mix of 1800s architectural elegance blends beautifully with contemporary style. The A’jia is tucked away in a quiet residential district on Asian side of the Bosphorus. Take breakfast on the terrace Turkish style and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. It comes like a tray of bowl food; 13 separate dishes of olives, sausage, cheeses, jams and honeycomb. As you marvel at the feast in front of you it won’t be long before your distracted by an enormous container ship slipping through the waters on its way to the Black Sea. After breakfast take the hotel’s own water taxi – which is more like a speed boat – along the waterway into the historic old town of Istanbul – Sultanahmet.

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