February 08, 2011

Melville, in Istanbul, Thought of Brooklyn Heights

Literary blogger Patrick Kurp, in Anecdotal Evidence, quotes Herman Melville from a journal entry written while visiting Istanbul in December of 1856, collected and published in Melville’s Journals (edited by Howard C. Horsford with Lynn Horth, 1989):

"Went towards the cemeteries of Pera [“across” in Greek]. Great resort of summer evenings. Bank of the Bosphorous—like the Brooklyn heights. From one point a superb view of Sea of Marmora & Prince Isles & Scutari."

Melville’s visit to Istanbul occurred during an extended tour he took in 1856-57, perhaps to assuage the disappointment he felt over the indifferent reception given Moby-Dick on its publication five years earlier.

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