February 06, 2011

Keribar and Aegerter’s Istanbul Exhibition Unveiled

Wednesday night saw the much-anticipated opening of the “Bir Bakıştan Diğerine” (From one perspective to another) photography exhibition at the French Institute in İstanbul’s Taksim district.

The exhibition is a collaboration between renowned Turkish photographer İzzet Keribar and acclaimed French artist Laurence Aegerter, and the packed reception and bustling courtyard spoke volumes about the prestige of the artists and the quality of the work on display.

The exhibition essentially consists of a series of photographs of anonymous individuals browsing iconic images in museums and is centered on the notion of looking at a painting through the eyes of another. The observer becomes the third party in an act of viewing that forces them not only to contemplate the initial art, but more importantly the intruder caught within the frame of the image. Through the simple act of layering the observation process, the viewer is forced to engage in new possibilities of interpreting the existing system.

Aegerter, displaying her art in Turkey for the first time, explained how the concept first came to her as a teenager growing up in France. “I had a well-thumbed copy of an old Louvre catalogue, ‘Catalogue des Chefs-d’œuvre du Musée du Louvre,’ that I decided to refresh somewhat by replacing the pictures of paintings with photos I had taken of the same images. In these pictures the anonymous visitors become part of the art -- thus questioning the perception of referential paintings and their subjective interpretation.”

The French Institute is located at the head of İstiklal Street and will be exhibiting the “Bir Bakıştan Diğerine” until March 17.

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