February 16, 2011

Historic structures near future bridge under restoration

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is opening to the private sector the historic structures in İstanbul’s village of Garipçe, which the third Bosporus Bridge is going to pass over. Garipçe Castle and the Garipçe Tower, both of which face the Bosporus, are to be rented out to local entrepreneurs to be used as “special facilities for cultural purposes.”

According to special conditions set down by the ministry in this case, the castle and tower must function as museums, exhibition halls, art ateliers, art galleries, libraries, archives, documentation centers, or folk culture, art culture research, education or practical application centers. Permission will be granted for museum stores and refreshment units such as cafeterias with these facilities.

The general model the ministry aims for in running these future facilities is based on the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. That is, local entrepreneurs who manage these sites will have permission to run them for 49 years and will pay the state for use of the facilities.

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JamesB said...

Hi there - does anyone know if this renovation work has begun on the castle and tower yet? I'm visiting soon and hope they are open.

ranababac said...

as far as I know the restoration has not yet begun

JamesB said...

thank you very much for that.

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