February 28, 2011

Expat group bringing music to Istanbul's streets

You might bump into them in Taksim or elsewhere in Beyoğlu. Recently they appeared in a street in Cihangir and gave a small concert to patrons sitting in a café.

Among the customers were several figures from the Turkish music world, such as Emel Müftüoğlu and Yaşar Gaga. Müftüoğlu even gave tips to the group, which calls itself Billie and the Beyoğlu Boys.

“We sometimes earn 5 Turkish Liras or sometimes 50. Money is not important for us, what counts is the music. Our goal is to keep street music alive in Istanbul,” group said. “We are comfortable in the street because everyone minds his own business. We are free to be in any place of our choice.”

The singer of the band, Beckley, is 21. Born to a Danish mother and a British father, Beckley is in Istanbul for a year and has been studying cinema and television at Beykent University.

“I was curious about Turkey. I am not so happy with the school, but I love Istanbul very much. It’s worth being here. If I leave this city someday, I definitely want to come back,” she said.

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