February 18, 2011


Built in the middle of the 19th century and set on the beautiful shores of the Bosporus, the Dolmabahce Palace shines out in its old splendor, the third sultan’s palace of Istanbul.

Its royal buildings are considered to be the most beautiful examples of Osmanic architecture. The Turkish architect, Garabet Amira Balyan and his son, Nigoğayos, were encouraged to indulge themselves both financially and creatively in the design of this impressive and opulent palace.

As with its exterior, the beauty and splendor of the internal rooms is simply overwhelming, and its magnificent sunlit stairways were influenced by the design of the Paris Opera House.

The entire palace is like a magnificent museum. Various works of art, paintings and other valuable gifts from various diplomats and visiting royal families are on display throughout.

Whenever a gentle breeze travels across the Bosporus and makes the flowers and blossoms move like dancers, it is easy to understand why the last great sultans chose this place as their home.

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