February 06, 2011

Being a Guest in Istanbul

Amanda Burrell is a producer and director with many years of experience at the BBC. She works freelance. She has filmed, directed, shot and presented several documentary films, particularly for channels such as the BBC, Discovery and A&E. Her most recent work concerns Turkey, İstanbul and, more specifically, Beyoğlu. The title of the approximately 80-minute-long documentary is "Tales of Beyoğlu."

Her documentary focuses on music, art, design, fashion, dance and theater in Beyoğlu. In short, it explains the growing artistic community in the district. Several musicians, artists, sculptors, actors, designers and fashion designers are featured. The one thing they all have in common is that they thrive in Beyoğlu. The documentary premiered at Beyoğlu's Pera Museum last week. It will air in the UK in April. Even though it runs a bit long, it does not drag at all.

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