February 18, 2011

The Bazaar Bag: Just Tote It

One of the pleasures of living in Istanbul is to settle into a rhythm of shopping in the city’s various weekly produce bazaars. At our local bazaar, we watch the seasons change according to the produce sold from little stands that crowd the side-streets. It is a riot of color and smell that’s accompanied by the bark and banter particular to Turkish transactions.

While these weekly markets present us with an excuse to venture out into parts of town we’d usually never visit, within minutes of any shopping excursion our fingers begin to ache as we collect plastic bags filled with produce.

Not anymore.

Together with artist Olga Alexopoulou, we have designed a roomy, stylish bazaar bag to take to the markets. The image, inspired by a day at the Tarlabasi bazaar in Beyoglu, also conveniently lists the different neighborhood markets around Istanbul and the days on which they are held. It is printed on 100% cotton, heavy-duty canvas that was recently field-tested comfortably with more than 12 kg of vegetables.

So say goodbye to all that plastic and bring a Bazaar Bag next time you head out to the market.

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