February 17, 2011

An artistic look at ‘the ego’ at C.A.M. Gallery exhibit

It is a cliché that artists are people with over-inflated egos and that they do not prefer to interact with the society that they live in. Yet, this stereotype of an artist is quite superficial, as well as being not specific to artists.

In this respect, six artists are questioning the notion of the “ego” in their group exhibition “Ego Kırılmaları 4” (Ego Busters) at İstanbul’s C.A.M. Gallery in Nişantaşı.

Artists Ece Akay, Orhan Alptürk, Peter Hristoff, Matt Lifson, Burcu Yağcıoğlu and Erdoğan Zümrütoğlu have brought together their works, which question different aspects of the notion and which come from various disciplines of art, such as painting, photography, sculpture and installation, to the exhibition, now in its fourth year.

“We put on a couple of exhibitions of this kind at our gallery every year, which question concepts related to the human being,” Sevil Binat, the gallery’s owner, told Today’s Zaman. “We bring together artists from different disciplines and who work on related issues. Ego is a very vital part of us; on one hand we try to suppress it because it’s total peace and maturity when we get rid of it, while on the other hand we can’t help nurturing it incessantly. I wanted to delve into this question and saw that artists were very eager about the idea as well. Plus, it had been impossible to sum it up in one exhibition so we do this exhibition with different artists every year.”

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