January 23, 2011

Turkey becomes hub for world-leading companies

Turkey has become a prominent global and regional hub for many international companies in managing, production and distribution, mainly due to the geographical advantages it offers, according to data gathered by Anatolia news agency.

Companies that manage operations in tens of countries from headquarters in Istanbul also employ many top level Turkish senior executives, the data showed.

Turkey provides economic access to a large region when its surrounding countries are also taken into consideration, International Investors Association, or YASED, Chairman Piraye Antika recently told Anatolia news agency.

“I believe this is partly affected by Turkey’s logistic location, partly by its more rapidly ameliorating investment environment than its neighbors and partly by its relatively sounder political stability,” she said, adding that many international companies directed their operations in surrounding countries from their Istanbul headquarters.

“But the major determinant here is geographical location and the logistic advantages supporting it. Air traffic is of the utmost importance here. I think we should not underestimate the power of our country’s high-quality labor force,” she said, adding that Turkey’s white-collar labor force was an experienced, qualified, flexible and hardworking.

She also said Istanbul was capable of adapting to the cultures of the surrounding Balkan, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, adding that it had established good communications with such cultures.

Turkey also has good managerial skills, Antika added.

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