January 30, 2011

‘Mosques in Istanbul,’ an illuminating new guide book for Istanbul

In his book 'Mosques of Istanbul,' architectural historian Henry Matthews describes the mosques he has chosen in chronological order. The special features of each of the mosques are pointed out, as well as some of the background on how the mosque came to be built, whether the patron was a sultan or one of the powerful women who ruled the Ottoman Empire

According to census statistics for the year 2000, there were nearly 2,700 active mosques in Istanbul and by 2007, nearly 3,000 active mosques. That makes the choice of just 49 (including three mosques converted churches) to describe in a recent book, “The Mosques of Istanbul,” extremely interesting.

The author of "Mosques of Istanbul," Henry Matthews, says of his selection in the introduction: “The choice of mosques is my own, and reflects my interests. They were selected for their historical interest, architectural merit and to represent all the main stylistic periods. Two Byzantine churches are also included because of their strong influence on Ottoman mosques, plus one other because it highlights the different needs of church and mosque.”

Matthews has a distinguished career as an architectural historian. He has published books and articles on various aspects of architectural history.

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