January 07, 2011

Istanbul surpasses New York in cultural life, NYC transplant says

<<Former opera singer and fashion designer, Alexandra Ivanoff definitely knows a thing or two about the thriving music scene in Istanbul.

As a music critic for five publications including Time Out Istanbul and a singing teacher to Turkish and French students, Ivanoff undoubtedly has a jam-packed schedule training the next generation of singers and discovering the city's musical hotspots. Yet, Ivanoff described her life in Istanbul as “a continual adventure” and said that the only thing that she missed about her former home, New York, was its “special brand of humor.”

As a music critic, Ivanoff spends time both promoting and reviewing cutting-edge concerts and shows. She puts down Istanbul's unique charm to the fact that it lies at the crossroads of many different cultures and their respective influences.

“Istanbul is the place where everything crosses over, you find fusions of things that are uniquely born here because of what Istanbul is: a crossroads,” she said.>>

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