January 24, 2011

Istanbul Getting Ready for the Opening of Its 8th Organic Market

Istanbul’s eighth organic bazaar offering fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products without additives will officially open next month at the Profilo Shopping Mall in the city’s Mecidiyeköy area.

“We started selling our products two weeks ago. The customers visiting our stands often have superficial information on organic products because they have become used to buying their groceries from supermarkets. However, once they taste our products, they understand the difference,” said Ahmet Sertkaya, a vegetable seller who graduated from Turkey’s first organic agriculture school, which was founded by Aydın Doğan in the northern province of Gümüşhane’s Kelkit district.

Handmade baby toys, baby clothes, adult robes, towels, and embodied apparels produced from organic cotton in Turkey’s Denizli province are also displayed in another section of the market.

“Some people say mass-produced clothes in factories might contain harmful heavy paints and metals that can be absorbed by our bodies when we sweat. They could be most dangerous for newborn babies,” said 56-year-old Nurten Erel, a salesperson at the stand.


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