January 24, 2011

Exhibition Brings Urban Germany to Istanbul

A traveling photography exhibition “The Entire City” - offering an array of perspectives on the “Urban German City” - is currently on display at the Milli Reasürans Art Gallery in Istanbul’s Teşvikiye neighborhood.

Featuring the works of Zoltán Jókay, Andreas Rost, Maria Sewcz, Ulrich Wüst, Tomo Yamaguchi and Eva Bertram, "The Entire City" -taking its name from a painting by German artist Max Ernst- brings together examples of subjective authorial photography.

“With its impressive and oppressive vision of a dream metropolis where natural and cultural space merge, Max Ernst’s painting does not really show a city but a utopian palace grown over in a strange jungle. The city is somehow hidden. A whole hidden city was the idea to take over the title because our exhibition wants to show different aspects of the city: the social life, architecture, suburbs, etc.” curator Matthias Flügge explains.

According to Flügge the theme -common to all the works in the exhibition- is concerned with the question of the identity of human beings and the urban environment - the relationship between public and private. 

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